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A great honour to have you here.

A bit about me and my work…

I am a self taught photographer who loves to write, design, make and think. Not with a goal, but to learn about life and the essence of humanity. In the future I will share more of my creative output besides photography.


Central element in my photographic work is silence. I visit remote and quiet places where I can hear myself clearly. My camera facilitates my introspective journey and reflects life on me.

The importance of Photography for me is in the process of questioning myself and the relationship with everything around me. The fascination for life and the appreciation of all beauty keep me going, and I believe beauty is an important factor that can ignite change. 

If you want to know more please send me an e-mail or DM on instagram (link below and top). 

Yes,.. my work is for sale. please let me know if you are interested! :)



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instagram | @artistwithoutaresidence

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